April 12, 2010

All About Me

Its Monday again. So tired and sleepy today. Hardly to open my eyes this morning! Haiz..and now, here i am sitting at my desk. My boss will not show himself at the office for a week. So, I'll not be busy this week. Its a good time to rest though!
Sitting here all alone make me think a lot of stuffs! It 's felt like my mind won't stop thinking here. Why there's so much things running on my head now? Am I having so much problems in my life? Hmm..my life?? It's so difficult to talk about my life because me myself is trying to figure it put though! It's not that I'm not happy with my life. Just struggling to make myself a better person here. Am hoping that I could have a bit lucky for myself so that I can improve my life.
Am always thinking...who am I in the future?? Will I be a better person?? Have a good job?? Can I make my parents proud of me?? *sigh*
Hmmm..beside that, me always try to change my life style also..try to quit drinking and clubbing aihh. I'm getting older, no more time to waste with those activities. I know its hard to do it because I knew myself better. :P Maybe I need some time to adjust myself! Huhuhu...I will!!Make a promise to myself!
Being alone here also makes me thinks of a lot of silly things I've been doing in my past! There's a lot of things I've regretted for doing it!!But I know I can't turn back the time but have to move on.
My love story?? Hmm..still early to comment anything about it. Am trying to knew him and getting along with him. Yes he is a good guy actually. Always reminds me when I'm doing something silly. Just tried to throw away my past and go on with my new life. :D Even though sometime me and him do have tough time but will try to faced it together. I knew that now I'm in love with him!!
So, now I'll try my best to achieve my own dreams!! I want to have my own house, my own car!!! $$$$$$$$$!!! Ka ching!! Ahaks....Want to travel around the world.... :) Wish myself luck!! Jia you......